L001 Arrow Of Love Valentine s Bubble Balloon 愛神之箭情人情水晶氣球



L001 Arrow Of Love Valentine's Bubble Balloon 愛神之箭情人情水晶氣球

Price including (Helium filled and ribbon) 價格已包(充氣及絲帶):

-One 24" Crystal Bubble Balloon 24吋水晶氣球一個

-Feather inside Crystal Bubble Balloon  放在水晶氣球內的羽毛 

*Please choose the color, otherwise will use the color same as template *請選擇顏色, 否則採用範本式樣


Floating time飄起時間: 

24" Crystal Bubble Balloon: 5-7 days 24吋水晶氣球: 5-7日


請留下想印在氣球上的姓名或與我們聯絡(電話2153 2700/ whatsapp 9791 1132)。



Please leave your the name printed on the crysal bubble balloon or 

contact us at 2153 2700/ whatsapp 9791 1132.

Example: ANDY


Balloon weight 氣球底座: can avoid balloon flying away 可防止氣球飄走

Plastic Bag 膠袋: can pack balloons in the plastic bag for easy picking, travel by MTR 可包裝氣球方便拿取/乘搭地鐵


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